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When it comes to the struggling months' end, we feel your pain.




Are you frustrated by

Not making months' end?
Roughly 50% of Canadians are struggling to make ends meet.
Not able to buy food?
More than 70% of Canadian say that just one major life obstacle — unemployment, tuition, the loss of a loved one — could stop them from fulfilling their financial obligations
Worrying always about money?
48% of Canadians are $200 or less away from financial insolvency, meaning they’re unable to pay their rent or bills.

Selling or Pawning?


Do you feel the same way? You enter your basement or your garage and see many items you bought a long time ago but only used once. As a result, there's already a bit of dust on them.

These items can mean hard cash for you.

If you sell us the product, the ownership is transferred to us.

pawning, loan, credit

What does pawning mean? Trade an object in exchange for money and interest.

The process is simple. We estimate the total value of an item and agree to lend you a certain percentage of that amount. In addition, interest will apply, which will be due upon payment/retrieval of the item. If the item is not picked up after 30 days, it belongs to us. You pay nothing.

The three most significant advantages of pawning:

  1. You do not lose your belongings. This is exciting in circumstances where the object has a sentimental value for you.
  2. Payment does NOT affect your credit score at all.
  3. The pawning process is fast, with no need to qualify.

Coming alive plan in 3 easy steps

When people minimize stress and frustration,
they come alive
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Visit our pawn shop today. Our friendly and supportive team is looking forward to welcoming you. While we evaluate your items, enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea.
We assess
Our experienced team will assess your items and present you with an offer at a fair price.
We are happy when you are satisfied too. It is important to us that our customers minimize stress, and frustration and come alive again.

Don't trust what we tell you,
trust what our clients say about us

"I like to shop at Pawnnoisseurs. The shop is clean, and the people are friendly and supportive."
Mark, Cochrane
"I live in the north west of Calgary. When heading out to Canmore or Banff, I visit Pawnnoisseurs regularly: fair prices, great items and nice staff. Great job!"
Chris, Calgary
"It is fantastic to have a pawnshop in Cochrane now. I don't have to travel to Calgary anymore. The staff is polite and helpful."
Anna, Cochrane
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