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How it works

Pawnshops are known and famous for fast, easy and straightforward loans
Pawning is about exchanging an item for money. You will remain the item's owner as long as you pay back the borrowed money plus interest. Pawnshops only accept certain items. The items that are accepted vary from pawnshop to pawnshop.
Simple process
We estimate the total value of an item and agree to lend you a certain percentage of that amount. In addition, interest will apply, which will be due upon payment/retrieval of the item. If the item is not picked up after 30 days, it belongs to us. You pay nothing. An extension of the credit is possible, additional interest and fees may apply.
Major advantages
You can get back the pawned item. The only condition is that you pay the loan and the interest. This is especially interesting if the item has sentimental value.

Notably, pawning does not affect your credit score. The granting of the loan is based on the object you present to us and never on your credit history.

The third advantage is that the pawning process is fast. With banks, it can take days or weeks to get a response. You will know right away if we accept your item for a pawn.

We do NOT deal with

Guns, arms, weapons
Music CD
Luxury apparel like handbags, luggage, shoes, etc.
(with restrictions, please contact us)

Apparel in general

Luxury watches

Metal coins and bars



Renovation materials like light fixtures
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